Tag: Side Story


  • Side Story: A Night in the Castle

    Written by Juan's player. The story takes place shortly after the end of the sophomore year chronicle.

    It had been a very busy week for Juan and Bella after they and their friends had taken part in saving the world. While most of their friends …

  • Side Story: Chastity's Wake

    Written by Juan's player. This story takes place shortly after the story, A Night at the Castle.

    “I love you, Juan, but please... don't pick me!” This was the thought that ran through Chastity's mind as she dangled from the silken cords of the …

  • Side Story: Juan's Letter to Bella

    Editor's note: I can't remember why Juan's player wrote this. Can anyone else remember?

    My Dearest Bellasandra, Should my attempt to get us out of summary execution at the hands of the court of the High King fail, I wanted you to know something …