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Spreading Glamour And Awesome!

Wells Crossing is your typical small, rural American town – impoverished and without enough potential dreamers for either of the courts to lay claim to it. As a nod to Escheat, the SGAA Brigade was established at Hughes High School to help give the local young Kithain a haven and outlet until they’re old enough to move to the city and join a proper changeling court. In reality, the group of high schoolers is left mostly to their own devices as long as things don’t get too out of hand. Of course, that also means they must fend for themselves if nightmares start rampaging.

Junior Year, Session 7:
Hughes High School is represented by two separate yet equally important types of people: the goofballs who run around stirring up trouble, and the eggheads that make a big deal out of it. These are their stories.

  • Who sabotaged the SGAA’s Biology project?
  • Did Mindy cheat on her project and will she be failed for it?
  • Who will win the school’s science fair?

Junior Year, Session 4:
And then it was time for Hughes High to drown in the sweet sorrow of the Sisters of the Heartless!
The SGAA helped Chelle overcome the banality fueled religious opposition to allowing the Sisters of the Heartless perform at Hughes High. Now, it’s finally the night of the concert!

  • Why have students suddenly been feeling weak and tired?
  • Why are the Sisters of the Heartless so interested in Chelle?
  • With the Dirge of Eternity in hand, will Garçon de la Manchego rock out with his Matocq out?
  • Will this party turn into a ballroom blitz?

Junior Year, Session 3:
The SGAA led the Hughes High Honey Badgers to victory in their first game of the season, and Bella’s unseelie clique gained a new member. It was the most talked about game that no one can remember! Now, a new music sensation is sweeping the high school – a band called Sisters of the Heartless. Everyone is talking about them, but to the school’s Kithain, the sound is just flat. The student body is ecstatic when Chelle convinces the band to play at Wells Crossing.

  • Why can’t the changelings get into Sisters of the Heartless music?
  • How will the town react to such a huge celebrity presence?
  • Will Garçon de la Manchego prevent King Melige from obtaining the Dirge of Eternity at the expense of the Sword of the Cheese’s once lost love?
  • Is this the end of Chaos Across Infinity?

Junior Year, Session 2:
Hughes High is safe from the depredations of the Slenderman and the SGAA has grown by two members. Now, school spirit is in full force as the whole student body gets ready for the first football game of the season, but at least one team member isn’t too happy with Desmond being the new team captain. To make matters worse, what happened to the Hughes High Honey Badgers’ lucky mascot?

  • Can the SGAA bring the team together?
  • Will the SGAA be able to find the school mascot in time?
  • Will Garçon de la Manchego put a stop to the High King’s feeding frenzy and save the fair Pooka maidens?
  • Just what kind of team is Hughes High playing against?

Junior Year, Session 1:
After their sophomore year shook the foundations of the Dreaming, things mostly returned to normal for the SGAA Brigade and Hughes High. Bella and the Unseelies hatched plots only to be foiled by the SGAA. Chelle and Chaos Across Infinity rocked school functions. Junior year looked to be a carefree time for the SGAA until the final week of summer break when Skyla was called home to address a threat against the Brightwater Archipelago, King Thunderwave left on a journey of self discovery, and Juan moved away suddenly when his parents got new jobs.

  • What new adventures await Rook, Raz, Memphis and the rest of the SGAA?
  • Who is this Desmond Connolly, the new captain of the football team?
  • Will Josiah get his Nocker?
  • Is that a familiar explosion of glamour?

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Character illustrations by Mandi Goodale | WWII motley illustrations by Sarah Dungan | Rook banner illustration by Melissa Uran-Takasugi

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